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Melbourne University

Melbourne_UniversityMelbourne University are working on an exciting seed orchard research project with the aim of establishing a number of genetically diverse family groupings of high quality and high oil yielding eucalypts ... read more



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Home Home

From sparkling floors to germ-free telephones, eucalyptus oil provides a fresh, natural household cleaning solution.

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Outdoors Outdoors

Bugs biting? Fido's Kennel whiffy? Eucalyptus oil can help with a whole range of outdoor dilemmas.

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Health and Personal Health & Personal

Aches and pains, cuts and scrapes, coughs and colds....eucalyptus to the rescue.

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Commercial Oil


Eucalyptus oils are
comprised of more than
100 different compounds.

While many of these natural
compounds have their own
uniquie atributes their
effectiveness may be greatly
enhanced ... read more

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