About Us

Rugged, proud and a true icon of Australia…the eucalypt and the aromatic scent of Eucalyptus Oil from its leaves are loved by generations of Australians.

Two Australians who are perhaps more passionate than most are father and daughter, Tegan and Peter Abbott. Together they have spent over 35 years growing, harvesting, manufacturing and marketing Eucalyptus Oil.

Tegan’s earliest memories are of visiting ‘the farm’ - her family’s Eucalyptus plantation in Inglewood – getting her hands dirty planting seedlings and watching the harvester Des stoke the old boiler as the pungent scent of eucalypts filled the air.

As the years passed Tegan and Peter found they had collected realms and realms of information, facts, hints, history and artefacts from Australia’s Eucalyptus industry. It prompted the question: how do we pass this knowledge on?

In 2005 (and with great surprise that no-one had ever done so before!) Peter and Tegan collated all of their combined knowledge and information into the book, Eucalyptus Oil – Australia’s Natural Wonder.

Australia’s only comprehensive resource on Eucalyptus Oil, it’s history, manufacture and uses, it has become the definitive bible for this iconic essential oil.

Now, with this website Peter and Tegan hope to reach even more young (and not-so-young!) Australians and provide an educational and enlightening look at why Eucalyptus Oil truly is ‘Australia’s Natural Wonder’.