Distillation_1After the mobile stills enter the distillery lids are placed on them and clamped into position to ensure a good seal.  Steam is connected at the base of the stills and the steam vaporises the oil.  The vapours are carried over into modern stainless steel condensers where they are condensed into a mixture of oil and water.  The mixture is then collected in a receiver where separation takes place.  The eucalyptus oil being lighter than water floats to the surface and is decanted off.  The yield of oil varies but averages about 1% of the biomass harvested.

It takes 5kg (12lb) of leaf and twigs to produce enough oil for a 50mL bottle of eucalyptus oil.

The oil is later redistilled to remove any impurities, leaving an entirely natural organic product.  No artificial additives, aromas or flavourings are used.  No pesticides or fertilisers are used.