Historical Bottles

Alfred Felton and Frederick Grimwade established the Melbourne Bottles Works in 1872 to supply bottles for their expanding wholesale drug business and to meet the growing demand of the community. Importing glass bottles was proving to be difficult, uncertain, expensive and inconvenient so local manufacture appeared a better solution.

While the first few years proved difficult, the company went from a small bottle works to Australia's fourth largest public company when it was known as Australian Glass Manufacturers (AGM).  It became Australian Consolidated Industries (ACI) in 1939.

Many of the bottles produced during the early years survive today.  One of the earliest bottles produced was for Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil.  People often dig bottles up in their gardens.  Antique bottle enthusiasts are more than likely to have one or more in their collections.  The markings on the bottles indicate when they were manufactured.  Some of the markings and dates are as follows :


Melbourne Glass Bottle
Works 1872 – 1916


AGM Company 1916 - 1923


1923 – 1930


1930 – 1980


Letters on bottles indicating year of manufacture

(mostly for beers and soft drinks)



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