J Bosisto

JBosistoJoseph Bosisto was undoubtedly among the great Australian pioneers.  As well as being the first commercial producer of eucalyptus oil, Bosisto was an active promoter of the first Pharmaceutical Society in 1857.   Bosisto was the first vice-president of the Society and gave the inaugural address.  Bosisto was also the first president of the Pharmacy Board in 1877.   He became an honorary member of the Medical Society of Victoria in 1878.

Bosisto was Mayor of Richmond 1864-1866.   He was also a magistrate and was chairman of the Bench for six years.   He was elected to Parliament where he became a very active member from 1874 to 1889 and again in 1892.   He was heavily involved with the Great Exhibitions of 1880 and 1888. In 1886 Bosisto was knighted C.M.G. by Queen Victoria in London.