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Student_Education_Module_Eucalyptus_OilStudent Education Module: Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil is one of Australia’s first native exports and a rich and fascinating part of our national history.

Here you will find a wealth of information and inspiration for school assignments, discussion topics and practical experiments to help further explore this amazing natural resource.


Eucalyptus Oil & the Environment:

A Sustainable, Renewable Resource

Find out how the growing and harvesting of eucalyptus trees for eucalyptus oil works in harmony with Australia’s natural eco-system and the environment. 

History & Production

From colonial times to modern day– discover the colourful history of Australia’s first primary industry. Included is a detailed description of past and current production methods, including the process of steam distillation.


Book: Eucalyptus Oil - Australia’s Natural Wonder

The definitive guide to Eucalyptus Oil; its history, production and hundreds of uses.


Practical Assignment: How to distil eucalyptus oil

How does oil come from eucalyptus leaves? Find out for yourself! Click here for instructions on making your very own eucalyptus still (parent or teacher supervision necessary)


Hints, Tips and Uses for Eucalyptus Oil

Just some of the many uses for health and home. Can you think of any more?


Request a FREE Educational DVD PLUS a FREE Eucalyptus Oil book for your school

Want to find out more? Obtain a free 20-minute DVD on the eucalyptus oil industry as seen on ABC’s ‘Landline’ program. Plus, we will send through a copy of our book Eucalyptus Oil – Australia’s Natural Wonder. Click here to arrange a copy for your school today!