Eucalyptus Oil - Australia's Natural Wonder


“I love Bosisto’s Eucalyptus because it is a natural product which does a wonderful job and won’t harm the environment.”  A.M. Qld

“My favourite use for Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil would have to be as a spot cleaner for carpets. It ALWAYS gets the stain out.”  P.B. WA


These are just a few of the many successes people have found with eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus Oil – Australia’s Natural Wonder, explores this amazing product from its history back in the 1820’s to today’s production. Included are hundreds of handy hints, tips and recipes… from washing woollens and removing biro marks, to making homemade pet care, garden and skincare products. If you’re interested in your family’s health and reducing chemicals in the home, this book is an essential
household companion.

Written by Peter and Tegan Abbott.

Available at selected pharmacies or it can be ordered directly from FGB Pty Ltd. Contact 1800 655 841 for more details.