Bosisto’s Garden Spray Recipe

A very popular eucalyptus garden spray for home gardeners which is natural, non-residual and safe to use. You can mix your own spray using the following the easy-to-make formula.

-  Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil                                         5mL

-  Canola Oil                                                                20mL  

-  Dishwashing detergent (any good brand)           2mL

-  Water                                                                               1L

The above spray is good for repelling aphids, white flies, mites and is ideal for earwigs, slugs, snails and slaters.  Spray thoroughly when insects first appear.  Apply two sprays 3 – 5 days apart and repeat as often as required.   If the number of insects is high double the concentration.  This spray can be used on roses, azaleas, tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries etc.  Do not store made up spray and thoroughly wash sprayer after each use.

Consumer Comments

“The garden spray – what a gem! We are always on the lookout for natural and non-toxic sprays for our vegie and flower gardens so everything is healthy and blooming.”   E.P.  VIC

“Making a garden spray recipe to kill bugs is a very good idea as it is natural as well as there are no poisonous fumes either – kind to me and to the environment.”   T.S.  QLD

“What a great snail and slug repellent!  I never used snail bait before because of the dangers to children and pets.  Now my seedlings are safe and so is the family.”   M.C.  VIC


Wind Chimes

Consumer Comments

“Spraying the oil directly onto wooden wind chimes – a mixture of scent and sound at my entry veranda”   S.M.  VIC


Re-Potting of Plants

To recycle pot plants and remove any residual bacteria wash them in hot soapy water with a teaspoonful of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil added.   Rinse pot thoroughly with clean water.


Natural Insect Repellent – Personal Use

Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil is a good mosquito repellent.  To prolong protection rub on a mixture of eucalyptus and vegetable or baby oil.  

An excellent natural insect repellent lotion can be made using Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil and canola oil. Canola is an excellent base to use as it contains a natural chemical that repels insects. Citronella is also well known as an insect repellent – in areas where insects are particularly ferocious it is recommended to include citronella for a stronger mixture.

-  Canola oil                      50mL

-  Bosisto’s Eucalyptus     2mL

-  Citronella (optional)       2mL

 Combine all ingredients in a bottle and shake well. Apply a little to the palm of the hand. Rub to warm the mixture then smooth over exposed areas. Re-apply every 2-3 hours.

You can also get quick relief from minor insect bites by applying Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil or Spray to sore and swollen areas.  Do not rub.  Repeat as necessary.

Consumer Comments

 “Bosisto’s ‘Parrot’ Brand Eucalyptus Spray is very useful against the multi various mosquitoes and other such wildlife which challenge comfortable living in the tropics”.   D.D.  QLD

“Since moving to Qld I’ve tried all sorts of concoctions to protect us from mozzies on dusk – I’m so pleased that eucalyptus oil and baby oil now does the trick – thank you!”   S.C.  QLD


Natural Insect Repellent – Around the Home

Eucalyptus oil burns in a similar way to kerosene and can be used alone or mixed with kerosene in flares, lamps or lanterns around your garden or pool area.  Do not leave a naked flame unattended.

One consumer places an open bottle of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil in her cupboards and finds the fumes discourage cockroaches. She also sprinkles oil on the carpet and has not had a problem with cockroaches since she started doing this.  There are many ways to use Bosisto’s Eucalyptus around the home to minimise insect invasions as the following comments show.

Consumer Comments

“I have a small cupboard in which is stored my hot water heater and it was a breeding ground for hundreds of cockroaches.  Since placing a cloth sprinkled with a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil on it once a week I have not seen one cockroach.  I have now placed a small piece of cloth, as above, under my refrigerator and have no doubt my place will be ‘cockroach free’ this summer.  Added to this, a pleasant fragrance is a bonus.  Thanks for an excellent product.”   D.N.  NSW

“I live in an old timber farm house and with me lives a small critter called a ‘Book Lice” (common name), not a blood seeking lice, they like to eat mould, fungus and dust “stuff”.  Eucalyptus Oil seems to keep them out of my stuff, they don’t tolerate oils.”   T.E.  NSW

“Your Spray pack is great. I spray around my unit, under the bed, furniture, in fact anywhere there is a space. No bugs, spiders or creepy crawlies ever and of course always the pleasant smell of eucalyptus trees”.   H.M.  VIC


Bee Stings

Remove the bee sting with tweezers.  Sponge affected area with Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil.  Do not rub.

Consumer Comments

“I would like to tell you that I have been using Eucalyptus Oil for nearly sixty years and my mother used it before me.  One use we used it for was bee stings when we were stung and we had over 1,000 hives so we had a few stings”.  L.N.  VIC


Possum Repellent

Possums can destroy many plants in your garden. Some consumers say that a rag soaked in Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil and left in the roof keeps possums from nesting there. Re-soak rag from time to time. 



A consumer has advised that spraying inside leggings, on clothing or skin with Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil will help repel leeches.  An interesting historical fact is Felton Grimwade once traded in leeches in the 1870’s and 1880’s.  Aborigines caught leeches in the swamps around Echuca which were then sent to the company’s specially built aquarium in Melbourne.   The leeches were transported by passenger ships to England, France and America for medical use.  Apparently passengers complained about leeches escaping and attaching themselves to ladies in their cabins.

Interestingly there has been a resurgence in the study of leeches for medical use and they are becoming accepted practice once again in major hospitals. Scientific research has concluded that leeches eat only dead cells, leaving new cells to grow. They are a cheap, painless and effective way to help heal wounds – who would have thought!



An excellent natural way to clean greasy barbeques is to use a solution of hot soapy water mixed with two teaspoons of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil and wash with a brush or scourer.  Rinse thoroughly before using again.


Garden Equipment & Tools

To eliminate bacteria that can create cross-contamination in soil wash all garden tools in hot water with two teaspoons of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil added. 


Garbage Bins

To rid garbage bins of bad odours and bacteria wash with hot soapy water and Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil. Alternatively use Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray in between regular washing.


Deodorising Car Interiors

Use Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray to freshen and deodorise the inside of your car.

Consumer Comments

“I drive a Maxi-Taxi (wheel chair accessible) in Brisbane and deal a lot with disabled people and use eucalyptus oil on a paper towel to clean the steering wheel, dash, speedo, radio, microphone, normally while I’m in stop start traffic jams in the morning. I hide the residue in a paper towel under the sun visor. To me, this is very important. People quite often comment that it is nice to get into a fresh, clean smelling cab and I thank your company again for such a clean and refreshing disinfectant and cleaner”   J.P.  QLD


Tar Marks on Paintwork of Motor Vehicles

You can easily remove tar marks by rubbing the area with a cloth moistened with Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil or simply use the Spray and wipe clean.  For large areas you can dilute one part of oil with four parts of kerosene, petrol or vinegar. Rinse immediately after cleaning.

Consumer Comments

“I have used Bosisto’s oil to remove tar running down outside briquette water heater.”   A.T.  NSW


Car Tyres

Spray around the rim of the tyre with Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray to deter dogs from marking their territory around your car.  

Consumer Comments

“Bosisto’s ‘Parrot’ Brand Eucalyptus Spray is an excellent product.  It is particularly useful in wafting away dog odours from my car”   L.T.  QLD


Driveway Grease & Stains

Clean car grease or stains on garage floors or driveways with hot soapy water mixed with a couple of teaspoons of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil. Use a scrubbing brush to clean damaged area and rinse with clean water.


Penetrating Oil


Consumer Comments

“We find the eucalyptus oil also very good for loosening rust on nuts”.  D.K.  QLD 

“Sometimes spinning wheels are left with me for cleaning and maintenance and have been asked what I use to clean the metal orifice where the greasy wool fleece is fed through when spinning yearn.  I dip a cotton bud into Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil – its amazing how much grime and build up it removes”.  J.L.  WA